DMCA is a Digital Millenium Copyright Act policy. is  a website which help the students as well as internet users by providing information about the Latest software and some Aactivator’s. Our mission is to promote the full use of software for educational  as well as professional purposes mainly. Our skilled writers have written all of the content and articles. As a result, there is no duplicate content on this website.

Our aim is to make internet users’ lives easier. We provide people with the best products available. Finally, we adhere to the (DMCA) norms and regulations enacted by the United States in 1998. We are happy to assist people with their needs, but our primary goal is to adhere to the DMCA..According to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) and other applicable intellectual property laws, we will react to any report of infringement and act accordingly.If your copyrighted work has been placed to, or a link to the copyrighted material has been returned using our search engine, and you desire to remove it, you must send us a written notification that includes all relevant information. If you suspect that their is an infringing content that needs to be deleted, please inform us right once. We won’t even inquire about your verification information.  

Notice of Infringement:

  • The intellectual owner’s (or someone person acting on behalf of the manager’s) manual or electronic fingerprint;
  • Characterization of the allegedly pirated copyright material;
  • Description of the illegal content to be deleted, as well as accurate data to allow the network operator to find the information. [Please provide the Address of the problematic page to aid us in locating the problematic material];
  • Details that allows the phone company to contact any complained victim, such as their username, postcode, contact information, contact information, and mailing address;
  • Modifications
  • We decide to change the content of this website and its DMCA policy at whatever point during the process. You are advised to examine this policy on a regular basis for any modifications.
  • You can contact us via contact us page.